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First of all thank you from us here at bottlehead radio.

I started listening to podcasts around 10 years ago and it didn't take long to become hooked. Soon after the dream was to create my own. It was a secret I kept hidden, afraid that laughter would follow my confession. I was scared of failure. I didn't want to put myself out there and face the ridicule of my friends. In addition I had no computer skills, I literally had no knowledge of anything tech related at all.
Then along came Chris and everything fell into place.

One day whilst talking, the conversation turned to podcasts and I suggested some new shows for him to listen to. It was my new found opportunity, someone who would not laugh and judge me. To my surprise Chris was keen on the idea, before I knew it we had the workings of several shows, plus one important factor, Chris knew computers. For as long as I can remember my brother has been taking computers to bits and seeing how they work. Now he works with them every day. He was the tech guy, I was the podcast addict. Finally the dream was close. 

One problem we had was what are we going to do. Like I mentioned earlier we had several shows we were keen to do, picking one however was more difficult. 
Bottlehead radio was born out the idea that we could create multiple shows in the future and then house them all under the one roof. 

Movie seasons was to be our debut show. Reviewing a different genre of cinema each week and looking at the films that make it great!

The small budget we had was the next challenge to over come. All we needed really was a microphone, in the end this is what we settled with. 

So in May of 2018 we were ready to go. Not nervous, but unsure of what lay ahead in our podcasting future. My new goal was to get people listening. If anyone did then we had succeeded. 

We hope to bring you continuous weekly episodes of movie seasons, your comments and feedback will always be welcomed and embraced. In the future, new shows under the banner of Bottlehead radio will be released and we hope you can listen to and enjoy them them aswell. 
As we expand so will your rewards, we will be updating them and adding to what you get back from us when possible. 

Thanks again for lending us your ears and helping to support, grow and improve our show. 
Spread the good word and get your friends and family listening. 
Subscribe, rate and review us on whichever app or store you get your podcasts from. 
Please follow us on Facebook, like share and leave a comment.
Thank you, so, so much! 
Bottlehead radio
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Our first goal is to upgrade our equipment that we use including the purchase of better microphones.
If you donate, 100% of your donation will go towards improving the podcast your listening to. This a major goal for us. When reached it will drastically change the way we are able produce the show for you.
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