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One Bale
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If you're a fan of Bovine music from a distance, this is your patronage level. No club, no bling, no bells, no whistles, just a little hay to help us on our way. You'll be creating merriment by keeping the Bovines' original music alive!

Two Bales
per month
If you're an active fan and join in the merriment often, wave pickles, or love to hang with the kind Bovine family, the Two Bale level of patronage is for you. First, the hay you stack earns you membership in the Hayloft Fan Club, complete with a secret Facebook group. You'll get members-only chances to purchase advance tickets for Bovine-sponsored events such as Jingle Jingle. You'll get an invite to our Winter Dinner, prepared for you by the band. There's the Bovine Family Picnic too! We'll broadcast video streams from the road and offer rare download tracks. And just like One Bale patrons, you'll be creating merriment by keeping the Bovine original music alive!

Three Bales
per month
This level is for the very active VIP fan. Like the One Bale patrons, you'll be creating merriment, and like the Two Bale patrons, you'll get all those invite, ticket, and download goodies, plus membership in the Hayloft Fan Club and secret Facebook group! Then as a Three Bale patron, the hay you stack earns you an extra 20% discount on all merch at any show, an instant text message when we have breaking news, a free VIP-edition tee shirt every year, and who knows what other surprises there'll be along the way? More than anyone else, VIP fans know the merriment of being a super patron of the arts!



About Bovine Social Club

Bovine Social Club has been making music and merriment now for six years. We’ve cut two records with some of the best musicians in the Northeast and performed nearly 125 concerts in amazing rooms from VT to VA, sharing those stages with over 125 musicians. Now we’ve got some amazing possibilities ahead. And only your kindness can help us grow. Kind patronage has made art flourish for centuries. Every visual artist, musical artist, dramatic artist you’ve ever known has had patrons. That’s how music gets made. So I’m inviting you to join our brand new family of patrons by contributing a few bucks a month for stuff such as rehearsal space, transportation, maybe hotel rooms in a snow storm. Mostly, as a patron, you’ll be making our unique brand of Americana music possible. Music: art that makes a sometime harsh world a sweeter place to live. So please check out the level and reward right for you and pitch some hay our way. All of us in the Bovine family will love you long time! Peace!
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With this amount of support, our fixed monthly overhead will be covered: rehearsal space, office space, and fees for all our stuff on the interwebs! With $400 worth of hay, we're off to a great start! Yippie!
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