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You are awesome. This means a lot to us and It's actually helping us.
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  • Late-Game Demo(3 versions before the latest one)
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You are really helpful and awesome. This means a lot to us and It's actually helping us, making us work harder and making us put more efforts on the project
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You are fantastic and really helpful and awesome also. We will cry,dance or even fly and It's really helping us , We will put more feelings,efforts and easter egg to the game
You will get :
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  • Early-Game Demo(1 version before the latest one)
  • Your name somewhere hiding in the game(If you can find it you are awesome or you can contact me for the hints :D )
  • Chance to win personal Q&A!
  • Chance to win  the shoutout !
  • Key for the game(once the game is on the market)




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About BozeGame

Welcome to Bozegame Official Patreon Page

Before you check our contents. Thank you for visiting our page. Any review and comment are appreciated. It can improve our page. Enjoy ! 
This is the official patreon page of Bozegame. We are creating Role-Playing Game which will give you :
  • Fun 
  • Language Knowledge (from basic to pro)
  • Cultures
  • Tourist Guide
  • History and Country Knowledge (Geography)
Currently ,we are making Thailand version (Bangkok,Pattaya and other provinces).
We will release the information(demos,news,screenshots) more when things are ready including Feedback,Fund,Platform,Reviews. This game is designed to make fun to people and give you the knowledge while you playing the game(That means this game is not just for people who want to study the things but it's for everyone!)

Who are we aiming to?

(arranged by : Most advantage )
  • Tourist and backpacker
  • Students
  • Everyone

Why would you support?

We will create indiegogo page in the future when we reach the goal !
Any support will really help bringing this project to life.What are those support? It's not about the money. If you share this with your friends, If you take a look and comment, It will support us too! So if you want to play the game, test the game out. Please support us. Any of them are appreciated. The rewards for the pledges are already written Including sneak peek to the game(also demo!),screenshots,chance to test the game , daily updates and lot more !

How can you follow Bozegame?

You can follow us through these social media

That's all about it now ,Thank you

$0 of $50 per month
Goal 1  $50 :
If I can reach this goal It means:
  1. People are caring and waiting for the release
  2. There are people who want to play the game
  3. Work harder!
  4. People are being helpful! Thanks!!
To-dos :
  1. Release Sneak Peek Video 
  2. Release Trailer Part of a Game
  3. More on Patron only

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