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About Bradley Gay

I have no set process. I have no set plan. Intentions of the painting materialize the moment the paint touches the canvas' fibers. Insight is drawn from the juxtaposition of natural mechanics; wind, light, space. Form is drawn from organized unfamiliarity. Precision is followed by destruction as opposing forces. Essentially, my work illustrates an internal conflict with credence and the subjugation of regularity; each decision, significant, and each movement, of consequence. These movements exemplify nonconformity and emancipation. Simply put, my tools provide the unpredictable evolution for the future progression and visceral perception of a piece. It is these fleeting configurations that become hidden yet represented elements within the painting. The paint coalesces, dictates the emotion, and communicates how it would like to progress while catalyzing some external degree of internal dialogue. To further expand upon my process, I retain some of the raw canvas exposed in the background while incorporating these often forgotten elements into my painting, often as shapes, because I value the fresh and often muted integration of the utilized material. In such a way, these locations of tranquility provide the beauty of simplicity and curiosity without over-complicating the image.

The motivation behind creating is simply the exploitation of imagination. Without imagination, reality becomes sterility. My art conveys fleeting moments of despair complemented by accents of hope, the hope that provokes the subtle truth of ignorance. Perhaps, it is by this ignorance that I have found happiness. As an individual with much to learn, my goals are expansive. It is my intention to further enhance my process and share my work throughout the international art community. Art is the language of the unspoken; therefore, my job is to communicate this paradigm in a personalized, abstract context and provide an experience for the viewer, whether strikingly uncomfortable or profoundly memorable. Inspiration is generated from the fusion of natural and urban minutia; the reflective color patterns of light upon asphalt and steel during a rain shower, the variation of marbleized stone in shaded light, the linear path of light in rugged landscapes. My work illustrates what I observe, and what I observe at every moment is profoundly illuminating. I invite viewers to speculate the significance and transitional connection drawn from my work. Over time, my portfolio evolved from rudimentary paint strokes to the introduction of new methodologies and media, while the emergence of personal growth and experimentation kindled the release from the confines of theory. Currently, I am expanding my process via media experimentation and appropriation in addition to color palette manipulation while exploring the fluidity and drama concerning metaphorical matter and scenes of isolation.
$23 of $3,000 per Painting
Financial Assistance for Studio Space, Time, and Materials Costs to Facilitate and Catalyze the Continuation of Creation and Expansion of my Portfolio and Evolving Process.
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