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About Brah Rah

I'm a very creative person but I lack the funds/support to create anything big. I'll start with what I can do alone and hope to find enough support on the way.

Everything I create will be shared with everyone Open Source style.

I'm not just looking for support in form of money I'm also looking for others I can work with!

What I can create alone:
Short Animations and small Video-games

For more detail and other projects/concepts visit:

Where I need everyones help:

All-System Movement
A digitalization of our social structures with a currency called flow at the core. Flow is based on support and compassion instead of greed and domination. I think that all our current monetary systems are flawed badly. All of them support greed and thus create money and power obsessed humans. I truly believe that a currency based on support and kindness has the power to change humanity at the core.

Sanctuary Movement
Self sufficient housing which collects/stores water, produces food and energy. The buildings use arches, "earthquake proof Inca bricks" and geopolymers to become everlasting shelters for life. Even when abandoned by humans. The idea is to pay for a team of engineers, architects, researchers and workers that build one home after another or modify existing buildings, developing and sharing the construction process with everyone.
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