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  • Full access to all of my Patreon backer-only posts.
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  • Full access to all of my Patreon backer-only posts
  • Ability to suggest a topic for me to draw/paint for my next Patreon-backed project. If I pick your idea, you get credit and a public thank you on my galleries.
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Who are you?
Hi, I'm Andrea, but many of you may know me as my artist name Brainmurk, or previously as Banrai.  I have several art galleries, such as on Facebook, DeviantART, and of course a personal website at  I am a freelance illustrator and crafts-person, and creating art has always been my passion.  

What do you do?
I am most confident painting, be that with watercolors or digitally in Photoshop, and currently work as a freelancer on spec work. I also love to teach - several times a year I have classes at the small local gallery near my home, and helping young artists find their stride fills me with joy. My work can be seen locally around my hometown, as I have designed murals, created concepts for public park trail layouts that have been built into reality, and so much more. Seeing what affect my art has had around my tiny town makes my heart swell with joy.

However... while doing pro bono work for the  benefit of my community is heartwarming, and taking on big projects that collaborate with multiple artists, departments, and businesses is amazing, but what I like the most is to develop my personal art and story-world. I have different projects in mind and all of them have in common a few themes that I've been weaving in my head for years. For now, I can really only can develop this world little by little with sketches and concept art, slipped in between stolen time amongst other large projects.

Why should I donate?
Being able to do my own, personal work allows me to take more time to be creative in my own way and spend less time on "busy" work, while still being able to pay my bills.  As someone with a touch of anxiety, being able to paint on my own deadline is the most amazing opportunity out there.  I also hope to be able to improve the quality of my artwork by investing in better materials, workspace improvements, and the ability to regularly afford replacements for the markers and paints this kind of artwork rapidly expends.

Monthly Gift Pools!
Each month I will gather the names of all qualifying patrons and at random select a number to to win a original piece of artwork.  This will, most often, be a FREE 1 character full body sketch of their character or animal of choice from me as my thank you gift for your support.  Sketch may be digital, in which case you will receive a high resolution 300dpi file emailed to you, or if its traditional (pencil) it will be mailed (I will ask for your mailing address privately if that's the case).  This is not a "raffle", and multiple "chances" can not be purchased.  Once you have won, you will be excluded from winning another drawing for at least six months so that everyone can have a chance to receive gift art. :)

How does patreon work?
You can have a direct impact on the creation of new art!  Patreon offers the ability to become a patron of the arts and support work that you love (and the artists who make it!).  By pledging even just $1 per work you can help keep me making new artwork - with additional benefits listed below!  I have chosen to set pledges for my patreon as "per piece" rather than "per month" because some months I am more active than others, and I want my backers to get the quality content they're paying for.  Essentially, if I don't work, I don't get paid. :)  Please note: you can also set a maximum per month, so for example if I have a particularly productive month, you could set Patreon to only allow billing for up to 3 pieces per month.  ( A note: that's a pretty darn generous estimate.  Normally my pace is pretty slow! :P )

That all sounds great!  What kind of rewards are you offering?
Funny you should ask that!  Keep scrolling down!
$0 of $10 per month
Yep, I think someone is interested in my art!  I'll keep posting!
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