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About brainthief

Hi, I'm brainthief and welcome to my tipping jar.

I am an avid lover of languages, fantasy and anything remotely described by the word 'gizmo'. As I am full-time student geared towards the latter interest, I dedicate a lot of free time to the former two by writing fanfiction. Hopefully this Patreon will come to support me in doing what I love.

With respect to my writing, my claim to infamy is 0800-Rent-A-Hero in the Harry Potter verse. I love working on it and I cannot see myself stopping until it's finished, for whatever reason. So fear not, I am not ransoming my story like some kind of literary terrorist. Expect somewhat regular updates, whether or not you leave a tip.

That's right, somewhat-regular, because on average it takes me more than 10 hours to write and edit a chapter (5-10k words) and sometimes that is more time than I can spare. There are many more tales that I would really like to tell, but I've had to classify that as an ambition instead of a realistic goal for the same reason.

In practice, this is really what your support would contribute towards: my time spent writing as opposed to pursuing the many other things calling for my attention. It would allow me to write more often, which in turn will help me improve. After all, practice makes perfect.

Have you enjoyed reading my stories? Did you lose track of time and feel a pang of disappointment when there was no more? If so, then please think about supporting me for whatever you can. Top off my tipping jar.

Thank you for your thoughts.
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