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About Brainy Tech

If you didn't know, This is the official Patreon Page for the youtube channel Brainy Tech. A channel centered about teaching you cool stuff about Technology, Sharing great gadgets with you and keeping you informed about what is going on in the Technology Industry. Also, I make videos from time to time about stuff that i really like. This patreon is used as sort of a fund raising source for the channel though which i could use the revenue raised every month to get needed equipment for future videos. Better mics, editing software, cameras and i will also use that equipment to create more and more higher quality videos.
So if you're into Video Essays and Technology feel free to support the channel through this page and get cool videos weekly.
You can support with whatever you have and if you can't afford that's okay!! :)
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Gradually allows me to save up for better equipment for the channel. 
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