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The world of making music has completely changed. Gone are the days when you can rely on record labels and studios to invest in your talent. If we want to continue making art, we NEED you to help us. Releasing new content on a monthly basis is how we'll grow from where we are to where we want to go. Not to mention, your commitment to us and our creative business will help shape a world that’s brighter, funnier, smarter, more informed, more empathetic, livelier, and more colorful. AND you get a lot of cool stuff along the way. Music videos, new music, blogs, video confessionals, hangouts and behind the scenes insight.
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Welcome! You’ve made it and your buck a month helps more than you can possibly imagine! At the $1.00 giving level, you'll receive exclusive access to view new B&J music videos before anyone else!

Behind the Scenes
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At the $3.00 giving level, you'll receive exclusive behind the scenes content, blog posts, show announcements and early access to tickets. Also includes everything listed above. 

Digital Downloads
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At the $5 giving level, you'll receive downloadable mp3’s of all the new songs we release on Patreon. This tier also includes all the stuff listed above.

The Acoustic Sessions
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Now it's getting REAL! B & J and their LIVE music right on your computer or device at least once a month! We set a time and a place and play some music for you in real time. If you’re not available, you’ll have access to stream and download it at your convenience. This tier also includes everything listed above. 

The Inner Circle
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You're officially in the club! Join our secret Patron-only Facebook page for live streams from sound-checks, live concerts, personal shout-outs, facebook hangouts with B&J and backstage confessionals. This tier also includes everything listed above. 

Hall of Fame
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After the 3 month mark of being our supporter, we dedicate a section of our website to people like you who are dedicated to us! Join the Patreon hall of fame and see your name and photos with us in lights. We might film a shoutout, or dedicate one of our cover songs to you. You make us proud and we want everyone to know how much your support means to us! You also get everything else that is listed above.

Up Close and Personal
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Without your crazy generous support, we wouldn’t be able to do ANY OF THIS! After retaining this patron level for 6 months, we’ll regularly record personalized audio or video messages saying more or less anything of your desire (ie .a surprise shout out to a friend, birthday message, congratulations, a verse & a chorus of a song,  or just a quick hello from us!), up to 45 seconds.  Be on the lookout in the mail for some special surprises we'll send from the road. You'll never know WHAT you might get or where it will be sent from! This tier gives you all of this plus everything else we've got to offer! 

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When we reach 50 patrons we'll invite you all to our first full-length virtual concert. It's not quite the same as seeing us live, but think about how awesome it'll be when you can watch a cool concert right in the comfort of your own home.
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