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About Curtis

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting Brand Talk with Curtis Patreon page. I’m a digital marketer who loves creating in the online space. I enjoy connecting with entrepreneurs and professionals who are new to the online space and want to create their digital footprint and establish a successful online brand.

Why Patreon?

I am digital marketer of one with a small studio, who prides himself on delivering content that is excellent in quality, purposeful and engaging.

My goal is to deliver a high standard of content consistently. If you are content creator or in the business of creating content for clients, then you understand maintaining such high standards doesn't come without ingenuity at times, right?

Often there is a need to outsource projects to third parties in order to meet crucial deadlines, so I becomes We, well you know the rest, meeting funding and creative goals become a long-shot. There’s been one too many occasions when ideas have had to be scrapped because lack of funding.

This is where you and Patreon come in! With you as a patron, we can deliver even more content that aligns with your online brand building goals and begin laying the foundation for newer standards in our content delivery

My Patrons

Benefits: You get exclusive early access to brand building videos, creatives (software demonstrations), Q&A's and downloads; before they are made available to my other online and offline communities.

As additional funding becomes handy, I will create "Sponsorship Levels" that include personalized (one to one Skype calls) that will further assist you with building your online brand, sneak peaks and much more.

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