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I'm so happy you decided to check out my Patreon. Your being here means a lot to me.

Who am I?

I'm B.N. Harrison. (The "B" is short for either Brittany or Branwyn, depending on who you are, where you met me, or what I'm writing.) I've been writing novels since high school. I live in Baltimore with a cat and a doctor and a terrifyingly smart 12 year old (who once spread the word about saving $500 on bread this year.

Last October, as Branwyn Harrison, I published A Loaded Gun, book one in the four-book Bodies & Forces series.

As B.N. Harrison, I've published a number of essays for literary websites, such as The Toast, The Rumpus, and Argot Magazine.

I'm also a professional proofreader and full-service fiction editor. I'm offering my editing services to writers at certain reward tiers, so check out this interview to get an idea of how I work.

Why Patreon?

If I can earn $1000 a month, I can stop wasting my time hustling freelance proofreading jobs on the internet and spend more time getting the stories and novels I've already written into the hands of my readers.

By joining my Patreon community, you'll be giving me the time I need to write, edit, and publish my stories. In exchange, you get MORE AWESOME STUFF TO READ.

Plus you get some other stuff. See the sidebar for more details about subscriber rewards.

I'm so glad you're here, and I can't wait to get to know you better as a member of my Patreon community!

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THANK YOU! Literally every penny helps. You'll receive access to the patrons-only feed, which I promise will never, ever be boring, plus a follow-back on Twitter. (Be sure to say hi, @bnharrison.)
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GROCERIES ARE EXPENSIVE. You'll receive access to the never-boring patrons only feed, plus access to exclusive video posts. You also get a Twitter follow back, and sneak peaks at works-in-progress, including forthcoming novels.
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HOW MUCH DO YOU ROCK. You get the stuff from the lower reward tiers, plus, you will receive advance digital copies of all future books in the Bodies & Forces series. That's a dollar off the Amazon price!
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If I reach $1000 a month, I will be able to drastically accelerate publication of An Element of Blank, A Strange Bright Crowd, and The White Heat: books 2-4 of the Bodies & Forces series. I will also be able to set a publication schedule for Doctor Who Meets Game of Thrones, (working title) and the first volume of  Dead Girls Did Cool Stuff, my humorous history series for teens. (Also a working title).
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