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per Book Sales (Print & Digital), Advertising Revenue (Audio)

About Braswell, C.G.

As an author of fiction and non-fiction books, my primary cash expense is printing, followed by marketing, distribution, and public relations. For projects where I am the publisher and not the author, some of the current difficulties with my business plan can be mitigated. So, potential clients who are interested in publishing through Braswell Communications are as important as investors; In such instances, extra capital, if there were any, would be rerouted to marketing/distribution.

In 2015, Braswell Communications Inc. published two in-house novels, one in-house non-fiction book, and a book project submitted by a third-party client. Currently, there are two more in-house novels in pre-production, and an additional third-party manuscript on my desk. As general rule of thumb, as a small publishing house increases its title count, larger distributors take more of an interest in direct business relationships.

Generally, my effort here is to protect my ability to keep functioning as a publisher and content carrier while increasing the archive of both my own intellectual property as well as the number of titles published by my company. At this time, I remain the only member of Braswell Communications' staff.

The audio programming effort (The Odelay Show) is far less cost intensive as the equipment is already in-house, and there are no third-party necessities such as a printer. It is mainly a matter of making the time to find and schedule guests, prepare and record the interviews or editorials, and post the digital content. I would need to publish at least one program per week for a period of six months, for example, in order to be considered for syndication by the gatekeeper of one particular online community for example; I am increasing efforts at finding good interview subjects, which has proven to be challenging at times. Historically, I have not let such "quotas" govern the frequency with which The Odelay Show runs at the expense of content quality and novelness. The show is a potential revenue vector as well, although I have only been giving it away so far (both content and advertising carriage). I do have a proper journalist's credential and large body of written work therewith.

Appearing at Pennies Thrift & Gift, 5237 S. Highway 92, Sierra Vista, Arizona, on December 19.
Appearing at Hastings Entertainment, 3758 E. Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista, Arizona, on January 23.
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