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About Bratenstein

Hi, my name is Bratenstein and I am producing music in my home studio. I have a collection of instruments that I play and I use GarageBand and a handful of plugins for recording and mixing.

I get a lot of positive feedback on my music and thought that this would be a great way to get my fans to connect and support what I'm doing so I can keep on making music.

How this works is that you can set an amount that you support me by per song, for example $1. And each time I release a new song, maybe once a month, I charge you that $1. You also get access to the exclusive content at the Creator Posts tab at the top of this screen. I'll be posting gear overviews, tell you which techniques I use, what are my inspirations and influences etc. If you become a patron you will also get links to download all the music I have released on this page.

I started making music as a looping street musician in 2007 after a long break (my teenage band dissolved in the early nineties). Today I mostly do loop based live recording sessions. I like adding spoken quotes by artists, philosophers etc. to my songs. I do acoustic, electronic and mixed stuff. I like soundscapes, reverbs & delays and a good groove.

You can listen to my first album for free on Bandcamp.

You are also invited to visit my Soundcloud page and like my Facebook and Google+ pages.
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