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  • You can be in my streams!
  • Specifically Mercy coaching, I'll give u all of the Mercy knowledge I have ever collected 
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  • Literally anything u ever need. A friend? A shoulder to cry on? Advice? Beating up ur ex? I'll do it. 




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Hi my name is Jason, but the internet likes to call me bread. I am a 17 year old student who is going to be studying game development, design, and computer science. I'm an amateur programmer, writer, and artist. I also happen to be a transgender man, who is trying to get on hormone replacement therapy. Without insurance in America, doctors visits can be very expensive. I am in the search for a job to support myself, but I have reached the point of having to look elsewhere. I've tried fundraisers, like gofundme and such, but nothing has been successful so far. 

Honestly, I'm not sure what type of content I will be creating, but I do like to think of myself as a content creator. I love creating, no matter what it is. I stream video games (Overwatch, mostly) on twitch, and I am starting to develop ideas for YouTube videos. I'm working on ideas for multiple video games, on multiple different engines. 

I can't promise much for rewards in the beginning, but I can promise I have very big things happening right now, and it would be an honor if you were along for the ride, supporting me. 
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This would help me IMMENSELY towards getting on hormones so I can finally start my gender transition. 
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