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About Breakaway Daily

Breakaway Daily is an international digital magazine and online platform. We publish the world’s freshest and most inspiring people, places, and ideas. We believe creativity and imagination is at the root of all progress. It is responsible for kicking the door wide open to exciting possibilities with the power to shatter previously imagined limits. Breakaway Daily features global creative talents through the editorial content we publish; allowing this talent to be fostered, recognized and emerge. We hope you will support us on this continuing journey.

Fostering conversations about independence, love, activism, equality, diversity and freedom is at the core of what we do and we aspire to expand your worldview and thinking. Considered one of the most widely respected media outlets, we are known for our creative presence and deep media penetration of our leading edge culture communications.

Breakaway Daily aims to help others find their own unique voice and reach new heights. Our journalism connects with an audience interested in more than just the trend; but the deeper meaning. Our catalogue of information features selected international, independent, unknown, unsigned, underrated, unexpected and must-know recommendations. We pride ourself on covering a vast array of subjects across arts, lifestyle and technology. Breakaway Daily believes that information has the power to shape the world.

Breakaway Daily takes you behind the scenes through our up close and personal conversations. We have been honored to speak with people from all over the world including artists, dancers, app developers, entrepreneurs, designers, actors, directors, musicians, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, humanitarians, photographers and more.

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