Bren Bonniere

is creating Lesbian Comics and Illustrations
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About Bren Bonniere

Hi! My name's Bren, and I'm an Illustration graduate from Massart (with a minor in creative writing, might I add). I'm passionate about creating stories and bringing them to life through my artwork. I primarily write about LGBT themes, and hope to create stories that portray queer people in an unsexualized, unfetishized manner. Just queer stories for queer people by a queer artist. Yay! My current project is Pink x Punk, which is a slice-of-life comic strip about a punky butch and a flirty femme navigating their relationship. You can check it out at ! You can also check out my other artwork at or brenbonniere on instagram. I'll post personal pieces there, as well as updates to future projects. 
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I'll start making physical zines of my art more often! (maybe once a month if I have enough content, even)
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