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Alas, what is a Soprano without a Mezzo? Some of my favorite duets of all time are Soprano/Mezzo duets, and if you give at the $25 level, you can find out which ones! I will do a brief Q & A each month, answering questions posed from the previously month. Questions can cover my favorite color to my favorite composer and everything in between!




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About Brenda Marie Turner

I am Brenda Marie Turner, and I need a landing pad.

For nearly five years, I lived the "starving artist" life as an opera singer. I participated in a couple of studio artist programs, sang in opera choruses, performed at local elementary schools doing educational outreach, and diversified with the occasional musical theater or jazz project. But I was broke. I grew up relatively poor and knew that I didn't want to live that way as an adult, so I gave up. I started a career in fundraising and made a "normal" life for myself. I liked fundraising. It called on so many of the skills I had as a performer, and I excelled. I raised millions of dollars for incredible causes, ran my own teams, and climbed the career ladder to the top. I finished my bachelors degree, increased my credit score, bought a house, and purchased a car. According to societal norms, I was supposed to be happy. 

I wasn't. 

Though I was still singing - mostly in small opera companies, church recitals, and random musical theater gigs - I longed for the days I could practice regularly, be fully prepared for performances, and feel confident that I was a good singer. My off-stage career took me away from singing more than 55 hours each week, and at the end of the day, singing was typically out of the question. I spent money on voice lessons with no time to practice the techniques I was being taught. It was frustrating to both student and teacher, I assure you! I finally came to the conclusion that I had no chance of reaching my full potential as a musician with that kind of schedule. Not to mention the fact that my lack of singing was killin' me softly (in the words of Norman Gimbel via Roberta Flack). So, after ten years of raising critical funds to enrich the lives of others, I decided my own life was also worth enriching. 

I saved up some money, quit my day job, and moved to Europe, where the arts are not only appreciated by the masses, but by the government. A person can actually make a living as an artist here, and I plan to do just that. While the scene is certainly competitive, and I know the money I have won't last long, I'm confident that I have what it takes to be successful - especially if I also have your help. 

Part of the reason it is so challenging to be an artist is because one also has to live! And living costs money. I have determined that I can live very simply (i.e. paying off my student loans bit by bit, as well as paying for regular living expenses) with about 2.200 Euros per month. Here's the breakdown: I found a small studio in Berlin for 850 Euro per month, plus utilities and the radio/tv tax at about 95 Euro, a monthly train card at 75 Euro, insurance (which I must have in order to get an artist Visa) at 200 Euro, groceries at 300 Euro, and my student loans at 750 USD . This is where you come in.

To show my gratitude for your generosity at the $5/month level, I would be delighted to share exclusive access to my blog, which will house the stories of my journey. If you'd like to contribute more than $5/month, check out the perks exclusive to those at higher levels - things like sneak peaks in voice lessons, Q & A sessions, and video updates.

Thank you for reading all of this and for your consideration. I promise that if you support me, you are supporting the creation of passionate, skillfully presented, love-filled music that will touch the lives of many.
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If I could raise half my minimum monthly expenses through Patreon, that would be an amazing blessing! $1,200 currently equals roughly 1,100 Euros (they use a comma where Americans use a decimal point). This would mean I could spend less time working a "normal" job and more time perfecting and using the Gift that has been bestowed upon me. If I could raise all my living expenses through Patreon, I'm not sure what I'd do (but I'll figure something out :))!!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post