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クールなキッド - Cool Kid
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Look at you, Mr./Miss Cool Kid. I upload my videos a day early unlisted. Why? Pure impatience.
With this tier you get access to said videos a whole day early. 
とてもクールなキッド - Really Cool Kid
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Look at you, Mr./Miss Really Cool Kid. You get the same reward as $1 but you can also get a preview or two of upcoming music as well as a download of any new singles that come out. 
魔法少女 - Magical Girl
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You're like Sailor Moon but even more fashionable. Same rewards as before except now you get the added benefit of a. being a magical girl and b. a name in the credits of my stuff. 




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About Brenden's Stuff and Things ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

Hello! ヾ(*'▽'*)
My name is Brenden. I'm some Japanese and English teacher, polyglot, musician, artist, writer, and terrible cook. I can cook up a mean bowl of cereal but not much else.
I love my job as a teacher but my passions lie in making music, writing, making people laugh, art, and just whatever my heart feels like tossing out.
I'm working on a lot of new music, a lot of videos, more stories, a short film, and even more. My biggest focus right now is getting an E.P. out soon and keeping up with videos. I started a Patreon to hopefully make it easier to work on these things and maybe take a step back from teaching for a while.

My YouTube:
Some short stories:
$1 of $300 per creation (weekly-ish)
I'll be able to easily produce physical copies of my new E.P. ヽ(o^ ^o)ノ

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