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I have ideas!
You have ideas!
We all have ideas!
Share them with us!

~Let's make a photo book together~

My world is painted by sound waves and acoustics, relativity, and above everything, Beauty.
To experience Beauty is my pursuit. Beauty is within tranquility and chaos. I want to experience it all. I want to share the observations which help pave the road of my mind. I want to collaborate with you! Share with me the thoughts which assist your life experience.

I have a journal, see? It is called the Book of Thoughts. In this journal, every time I make an entry, I create a video to go with it. In this video, I observe the overall theme of the journal entry, and set out to hunt for a photographic composition to accompany it.
When the journal has been filled, the entries will be put together with their respective images and printed beautifully into a book!

"Book of Thoughts: Volume 1" - I want us to all play a part in its creation. For their to be an us, there must be a you and a me. I urge my patrons to contribute ideas, thoughts, observations, stories, and experiences to this Book of Thoughts!

Beyond the main drive of creating this Book of Thoughts, I am a musician and photographer. I want to share it all with you.
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Even though this is the lowest tier, I must sincerely express to you that it is not valued lowly in any way what-so-ever. Your interest in my (our) creations is truly special to me and is received in the highest regards.

Thank you!

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    Inspire me, and in turn, inspire us! If I'm feeling like a gray blob, I will look to your writings to once again see the Beauty around me. Selected writings will be entered into the "Book of Thoughts" (you will receive credit as the quoted author for the entry) and will be the theme for that week's video.

  • I want to collaborate with you! Once you become a Patron of this tier, email me at [email protected] so we can get in touch personally, and I can direct you toward the secret discussion center!

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|: Inspire me to inspire you to inspire me to inspire you to inspire me to inspire you to inspire me to inspire you to inspire me to inspire you to inspire me to inspire you to inspire me to inspire you :|

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I wish I could shake your hand and tell you how much this contribution means to me.

  • When "Book of Thoughts: Vol 1" is completed, you will receive three copies (Either you can keep them all to yourself, or you can share the other two with others.. up to you!). 

  • Your name will be sincerely added to the Acknowledgements page within the book. Imagine that! Your name! In a cool book!

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I will recruit my band-mates to record a live thank you song to all of you wonderful people. I am eager to start this journey, and reaching 50 patrons will ignite the boosters on my roller-skates~~~
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