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Thanks so much for your on-going support of my passions and avocations. With this monthly gift you are helping to support some of the projects that I support and/or you're helping to support my coffee, cafe, and avocado toast habits.

Either way, thank you!

Podcast People
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At this level you are helping to support the podcasting that I am doing with my family (on parenting) and colleagues (on life). Launching in 2019.

Casual Coaching: Bi-Monthly
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I will meet with you over the phone or video for some casual coaching about whatever you need to do (Well, almost). Ministry, technology, parenting, or all of the above, we will together get you from who you are to who you hope to become.

We will meet every other month for one hour.




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About Bruce Reyes-Chow

Creating, Curating, and Coordinating Community since 1969.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my Patreon Page.

Focusing mostly on areas of faith, technology, race, politics, parenting, and life in general, over the past few decades I have participated in conversations and actions primarily through my pastoring & leadership, writing & speaking, social networking & online community building, and coaching & consulting.

After working full-time for nearly two decades I have found myself fully part of the gig economy. For the longest time, I have resisted acknowledging that this freelance life something that I love to do. The lure of the regular paycheck is always out there, but the reality is that not everyone is drawn to this kind of life, and ultimately I am fed by the pace and rhythm of the life.

I invite you to join me in the work that I do and become a patron!

By becoming a patron, you allow me to continue to engage in this calling to multi-faceted service in the world. Call it the "gig economy," being "bi-vocational" or "tent-making" ministry, I simply see this as a calling. While not everyone has the flexibility, support, or temperament to be able to deal with the ebbs and flows of maintaining multiple earning streams, I love it — so much so that I am willing to ask others to join me in this grand adventure.

But what does it mean to be a Patron?
You are basically buying into the idea that I have and will continue to be a positive presence in the world around faith, politics, technology, race, church, parenting, etc. By supporting me, even in the smallest of ways, join me in this work.

When you become a patron, you become a partner in four areas:

Activism & Prophetic Witness: through my personal engagement, organizational involvement, and presence at public actions — together we speak truth to power, fight for social justice, and work towards the common good.

Community & Pastoral Care: through my online chaplaincy, advocacy, and personal interactions — together we tend to the spiritual health of individuals and communities with which we find connection and meaning.

Spirituality & Worship: through my liturgical contributions, engagement with pastors, and writing — together we embody, express, and experience the holy and mystery of God.

Creativity & Poetic Expression: through my writing, speaking, and content creation — together we produce and contribute meaningful expression to local and global conversations.


What specifically does the Patronage support?
Not only does your support allow me to maintain my ongoing activism, writing, social media community building via Facebook and Twitter, but it will also give me room to spend time building and restarting other projects. 

At $5.00+ you are basically supporting my coffee cafe habit and since I work out of coffee shops most of the time, this is no small undertaking. 

PODCASTING: 2019 Promises two new podcasts: RCP Family Podcast, BRC & Friends Podcast, and one about my new city (coming soon).

PERSONAL COACHING: I have room for a few coaching clients. For $70.00+ you will get coaching every other month of an hour and for $100.00+ monthly sessions. 

BADASS AMPLIFICATION: I too support some great people and organizations here on Patreon, so your funds go first to them before I see any of it. Please check out who I support to the right and, if you feel so moved, join me!

At the end of the day, you are buying into me and trusting that what I do in the world is something you wish to support.
Okay, but how do you make this work as a "job"?

So what does this gig life look like? Here is what my week likes like on average — 

  • 30 hours: Church work.
  • 2-3 hours: Coaching with the Center for Progressive Renewal.
  • 5-8 hours: Podcasting, writing, speaking, serving, rabble-rousing, board-serving, chauffeuring, family-ing, and other Patron-supported activities. Thank you!
Additionally, your patronage allows me the flexibility to work with and support other organizations that I believe are creating communities for positive change in the world: Parents for Public Schools (Board Member) More Light Presbyterians (Board Member) Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (Activist Council) SF Azul Soccer , and others.

Please take a look at my goals and the rewards and should you choose to support me in this calling to create, curate, and coordinate community in any way, thank you!
$144 of $250 per month
If I hit the $250/month mark, I will probably sign up for a shared workspace membership.
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