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Heya! My name is Bria (but you may know me as many flavorful names, such as Rohen or Ducky). I'm twenty-three, an ~artist~, and full-time student. I also play all sorts of video games, obsess over fantasy, and want to retire in a Hobbit hole.

I created Patreon because I was tried of repeating the same mantra to myself everyday, "I wish I could be making a living doing something I love." I currently have to juggle a minimum of 5-6 classes and 40 hours of work to make ends meet, and have no time for the things that give me fulfillment. 

I'm hoping to reverse the cycle and dedicate my time to creating content not only for myself, but for people who want to support me through art, social media, and streaming. I hope to bring a sense of individual gratitude and attention to all of my patrons, and create work that is personal and wonderful for everyone.

If I'm able to reach my goals, content creation would become my full-time effort. I'd love to see how we can grow as a community together. 


Okay, so you want to know what to expect to see as a patron. That's simple! A lot of my content will be decided by my patrons, for my patrons. I will focus on both art, and eventually streaming. 

Artistically, you should expect to see mostly fandom related works, personal work, anthro and human alike, and instructional videos and personal tips, both on twitch and hopefully youtube.

I'd like to start a comic that's updated for patrons, either of original characters or a fandom of interest. 

Stream wise, I'm a diverse person. While art will be the center of what I do, as patrons, you can help in voting for what you'd like to see as well. 

I've always wanted to get into cosplay and attending conventions. As I reach my goals I'll be able to do more elaborate cosplays, and hopefully be able to secure a booth in the future where I can meet supporters and create my own merchandise. 

$0 of $350 per month
Woo! My first goal.
  • Part-time streaming schedule, 2 times a week.
  • Giveaway for all tiers (Print + Enamel pin).
  • Video decided by poll, monthly.
  • New monthly merchandise/art prints.
  • Comic: a community decided continuing comic-strip decided by all patrons, released weekly. 
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