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About Brian Chartrand

My name is Brian Chartrand and I am a Phoenix, AZ based singer/songwriter.  Welcome to my PATREON page...

Maybe you are asking yourself what PATREON is.. well, in short, its a platform for folks to support an artist by becoming their "patron."  Its an old model really; folks financially support artists in their community, so artists can create and share their work.  

Dig this intro video:

For me, this means, you donate a couple dollars a month to help me continue to create my music and in return, you become a part of the process of creating and get access to the finished product way before anyone else.  Pretty cool, right? Right.

I decided to do PATREON because, while I'm fortunate to play music in the US and in Europe full time, I have a bunch of new music which is dying to come out, but I don't have the financial resources to make it all happen.  Basically, I joined Patreon to help me finance these releases and create a community of supporters who become part of the process.  I have a lot of original and cover music on deck that is dying to come out... between my various bands The Sweet Remains, Live from Laurel Canyon, and The Project... as well as some new projects that are brewing.  There is a lot happening and I want to share it all!

As you may know, sometimes it takes a village to help full time musicians be successful and create.  I need your help to make these recordings a reality.  Thank you so much for your faith in me.

To become a PATRON of my music, click the "Become A Patron" button and lets start making some music!
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When I reach 50 patrons, I will book some much needed studio time here in Phoenix and finish up these demos and release them to you!
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