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About Brian

Based out of Germany, Brian Guthrie is a serial author of science fiction, fantasy, and more. His first novel, Rise (book one of a series of four; released Sept 2016) won the Inkshares Nerdist Contest and his second novel, After Man (co-authored with Michelle Guthrie; book one of two release TBD) won the Inkshares Geek and Sundry contest, making him the first author on Inkshares to win two contests. He has completed Rise’s sequel, Fall, which is now awaiting production, and has plans for a joint project science fiction/history fiction piece, some historical fiction, and much more. He is married to Michelle Guthrie, a father of a ten-year old girl who defies gender roles, and has two cats.
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Dragoncon is an annual thing.  It will keep happening and I'll have something in store for all of you Patrons related to it.
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