Brian Russell

is creating photographs of a changing city.
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About Brian Russell

Hello, I’m Brian Russell. Thanks for visiting my Patreon page. Check out some of my photography on Flickr, Strikingly, Instagram, and my website. Of particular interest should be my Architecture album.

Project Statement
Are all buildings historically important? Do our communities suffer from their removal? Can we call all buildings architecture? Do old buildings have soul?

Photos in this project ask these questions.

Help me to explore the importance of all structures by funding film, processing, scanning, and the other expenses involved in making art objects to be enjoyed for their own color, shape, and story.

I use film photography to capture buildings at moments in time and the historical context of their architecture, an endeavor that combines my historical knowledge and love for making.

Photography is one of my deepest and most enduring creative passions. Shooting and editing film is the ultimate form of photographic expression, especially when I use a really sharp and well made lens for a medium format camera. The detail it provides is mythical and surreal.

What You Can Expect
Besides my undying gratitude you can count on my honesty. I want to support you as best I can with photo prints of my best work and knowledge from my years of making. Technical camera advice will be part of it but also support to help you to create your way. Check out the tiers on the right to get started.

Here are a few ideas for future patrons benefits. First, I need to get this thing rolling. There is so much to do!
  • Historical photo walks just for patrons in Durham, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Richmond, VA. Or maybe your city!
  • Podcasts about the photos I take and the process I use as it happens
  • Video chats with live Q&A
  • Signed archival photo prints ready for framing
  • Commissioned works just for you
I’m open to other ideas. What do you want?

Cover Image
I took the photos in the middle & right of the cover image. The B&W photo on the left is from the website Open Durham. I use it here to illustrate the dramatic change structures undergo over the years.

Film Photos

The Chesterfield Building, Durham, NC
120 film, Fuji Pro400H
Mamiya 6

Garage, Manchester, Richmond, VA
120 film
Mamiya 6

Not Just Wings, Durham, NC
35mm, Expired Color Film
$0 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 a month I can get some old film processed and scanned. I've shot a lot of film already. Much of it just sits around until I can afford to have it processed. Help me release these photos into the wild!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts