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About Brian Wolf

I am a writer and artist living in Oviedo, FL (near Orlando.) I have a webcomic called DWARFED you can go and read now. Also, the webcomic short Itchy and the new and wonderful Gravesitter.  It's free and ongoing! 

I am also writing and drawing freelance. You can follow my work on all my social media but specifically on my instagram. @brianthomaswolf

I am a trained actor and playwright from Texas, but gave up that life long ago as I tried to learn the delicate art of creating comics that don't suck. Which, is kind of my entire purpose at this time. I have a lot of ideas and passion and finally, having left my corporate job that gave me security, but not a lot of time to work on what my wife calls (creative bubbles) that float around in my brain.

Why Patreon? Well, as a full time artist who also wants to create his own stuff, it's important that I have the resources and support from a community to keep that going. Just because I think what I have to say is important, doesn't much matter if it isn't made or if it is, just released into a void. 

Patreon is a tool, but I want it to be more than that for me. I want it to be structure I can lean on, learn from, and communicate my passion to the world.
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Pretty much where I'm at. 100 dollars a month will give website support and allow me to make a few prints I can send out to patreon subscribers a few times a year.
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