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is creating Geometric Art in LEGO Brick
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About Brick Bending

Hello my friends. My name is Jeff Sanders and I am a geometric LEGO artist. 

Let me explain that a little... 

First, I use normal, run-of-the-mill LEGO pieces, and I put them together in the same way as anyone else—one ‘click’ at a time. There’s no heat, no glue (no kragle!), no magic tricks, or secret sauce—it’s just experimentation, imagination, and a lot of patience.

Second, the primary focus of my work is to explore the possibilities of geometric patterns in these ubiquitous little bricks. The nature of the LEGO bricks themselves determines what can and cannot be created, and I love to push those limits to their extreme. It’s that landscape that I deeply love and that I've explored for nearly a decade.

Third, although I love creating designs of all shapes and sizes, there’s just something jaw-droppingly magical when they're scaled up to massive proportions. My recent exhibit in the UAE--a 75,000 brick, 15' X 6' wonderful monstrosity--hooked me for life. And watching people's faces as they suddenly realize what my massive artworks are actually made of--it's worth it's weight in gold. One of my favorite quotes from an exhibit onlooker is, “I’ve never seen anything so ingenious and beautiful.” That is exactly why I do what I do, and it's why I’m here on Patreon.

Nearly everything that Brick Bending is today is largely based on the word of mouth and financial support of a community of people who want to see these unique LEGO creations exist as much as I do. And for that I will forever be grateful.

So in short, I hope you’ll join me on this crazy adventure. : )


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