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If pledging a dollar a month is all you can provide, I will use it to its maximum. Even just one dollar can add up to thousands of dollars, of which will be used for me to maintain my cloud applications (i.e., Photoshop) and to keep software such as ZBrush up to date. I am also looking to get an NVIDIA Quadro 8000 RTX ($5,500), so this will help towards that as well. The Quadro would allow me to render the animations a lot quicker so you can receive them sooner.

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Thank you for pledging five dollars! I will enlist you to critique my work as an early access member. You will also get 25% of an merchandise on my online store.




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I run a YouTube channel, formerly dedicated to gameplay and let's plays. Now working on CGI Shorts based on LEGO made in Blender.

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$0 of $500 per month
A special thank you video, in addition to upgrading my equipment to an Elgato 60FPS, and a more powerful graphics card.
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