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About Brianne Valentino


My name is Brianne Valentino. I am a photographer who recently graduated with a BFA from Montclair State University. I have enjoyed taking photos all my life. My aunt Nancy gave me a pink Polaroid camera for my birthday one year and I was hooked! Once I entered high school I took photography classes, I was the only student in class that was in the darkroom all period! I loved it and knew I wanted to major in it in college. Then I went to community college learning even more about photography! I then transferred to Montclair. During my last year it was rough! I knew I wanted to do something with ocean pollution but I didn't like the work I produced in the fall semester. I worked my ass off in the spring semester! Then by the time the senior thesis show came around I loved my work! I won the area award for photography as well during the show. I went down the shore (I'm from Jersey that's what we call going to the beach) to document all the ocean pollution. It was in the off season and I still found TONS!!!!!!!!!!! It really annoyed me since I have always loved going to the beach ever since I was little. I grew up going to Wildwood with my parents. (I'm an only child) This really hit home and I want to make a difference with ocean pollution. One of my goals is to travel to different states and countries to document this. I want people to realize this is EVERYONE'S problem!!! We need to start taking care of this planet! I also want to get this work into galleries as well.   
So your probably wondering ok why is she making this page? My friend Amanda told me about this site and she said people fund your work so you can create. I am hoping to find people who still appreciate arts and photography! Sure everyone has an iphone and takes photos. But no that does not mean your a photographer! It takes way more schooling and learning then that! Photographers are trained to take impacting photos! I'm hoping that by pledging monthly you can see my journey as a photographer. No my page won't be completely about ocean pollution! I enjoy taking landscape photos as well and I LOVE macro photography! 

Since graduating I have had a hard time finding what type of photography I want to do. I have been trying to build a product photography portfolio as well. By pledging I can bounce ideas back and forth with you and help me get out of a creative rut when I do fall into one! Becoming one of my pledges you will help me keep creating! You will help me with my career! I have been wanting to buy a photo printer as well! Pledging will help me achieve that goal and of course you will get a signed print!!!!!! :) <3  
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