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Hey there~
I'm Brind! A 2D Illustrator and webcomic artist. I draw for fun in my freetime, anime and manga style, I draw a lot of manga shojo style so, if you like that kind of stuffs, you in the right place. I'm the author of "Look at me", a lovely romance story. 

I'm not good in english so.. forgive me for grammatical errors or weird spelling, I'll try my best.

Why I joined to patreon?
I have a office work, and a lot of storys I want to draw in comics and animation. I realized that all I do is go to my job and go home to sleep. My life seems to be escaping between my hands like water and I feel like I'm not doing progress. I want to draw a lot and meet people with the same interest, I search the possibility to updating my art account much more often.

If you like my work you can support me here and get some sweet monthly rewards you can't get in any of my other social media. Your support will make me work more harder, submit art more frequently, and help to buy a new computer, pay my bills, and buy more cake, cake is important!
If you want to help me, just choose the pledge you want per month, every little bit helps me a lot so I can continue drawing and share more of my characters. Thank you so much!

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