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We want to be mindful of the economy and the money struggles people face - therefore if you can donate minimum just 1 dollar/pound to this channel - IT WILL HELP A LOT 

As we Brits say - every penny counts!

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About Britain Reacts


Britain Reacts is a YouTube channel providing fun and entertaining content for the viewers. We get a bunch of British people who provide entertainment through reaction videos, review videos and more.

We are passionate about everything pop culture and want to share our love and passion for it with people from around the world - we want to react to videos from around the world, review videos from around the world, play games from around the world, eat snacks from around the world - YOU GET THE JIST, WE WANT TO EXPLORE THE WORLD! 


We release or at the very least try out very best to release videos every day! Sometimes we experiment with the type of content we react to however we know for a FACT we react to a lot of stuff including K-pop, Movie Trailers and American songs! DON'T WORRY WE WILL BE EXPANDING!

We love hearing from you guys and what you want us to watch so our eyes are always in the comments section and we tend to go for the most popular requests on our videos! We are a very open bunch of people, we want to hear from you and we want to give you what you want!


As some of you may be aware, YouTube has changed a whole lot - they've made it harder for new and upcoming content creators to able to create content as well as earn money from it - THANKFULLY, organizations like Patreon exist that help small businesses thrive in such a cut throat environment.

We need a secure stream of capitol so that we can continue on creating content to the best quality possible for you guys! We've invested a lot of our own money into the channel from buying equipment to hiring our location etc as we are confident that our channel will grow and become even more entertaining and great! We want to continue investing in the channel and equipment

Majority of the money will go towards hiring a studio/renting a new place, new camera and studio equipment, gaming tech for game plays, buying products for the channel to react or review too and so on and so forth!

The more we raise, the faster and better the quality and quantity of the videos :D :D


A LOT AND I MEAN IT! You'll get to do live chats with us and see behind the scenes videos - we can do private reactions just for OUR PATRONS. 

Once we get more patrons, we will expand to limited edition merchandise, shout-outs, contests, monthly livestreams and anything else you demand for! We are open to reasonable suggestions - we do this for you, we want you to feel happy! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


The support and love and interaction is amazing and we feel it! It makes pulling all-nighters and long evenings of filming all the more great and worth it! Any and all help is HUGELY APPRECIATED! I want this channel to be your fun-zone - so trust me when I say this, I am grateful for any kind of support!

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When we reach 700 per month, we can hire out space and turn it into our own studio!

That will help with the content looking more professional, we will have a secure place to film and invite more reactors to join!
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