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About Britt Andrews

To put this simply: live music was there for me at a time when I didn't think anything else was. I want to help other people feel that too.
I want to use my photos to recreate the feeling and the power of live music. The connection between the crowd and the band, which is completely unlike anything else in the world. From 50 capacity rooms to sold out arenas, live music is diverse and exciting and for a few hours a night you can forget all the crap going on in your life. 

I want to showcase and support the bands that supported me mentally and emotionally, and I want to share these experiences with you through my photography.

Australia has so many amazing bands, venues and festivals and I want to try to capture the amazing energy present at every gig. A concert is something special - even if it is one of many on a tour, the show will never be repeated. Every show is individual and special, from chaotic mosh pits to sit down theatre shows. Every moment I capture is a unique section of time that can never be repeated. It can be raw and gritty, or polished and rehearsed. No matter how it feels, I want to be there to capture it and share it with the world.

This is my passion and my love, but the costs of doing it can be draining.

Cost of the gear, travel to venues, insurance, web hosting, editing software, storage - the costs are pretty huge at the moment, and I am in a position where to sustain my passion, I need a bit of help.

My initial reward tiers are on the side - but I am happy to try to accommodate any other requests for reward tiers I haven't thought of.

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