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About Brit

If you're wondering about the meaning of life, then you're asking yourself the right question. 
You're here in the world right now for a reason; your purpose is not to hurt. 
Britta's Books is an online resource to give meaning to your trauma and allow you to transform into who you have agreed to be and to do what you have agreed to do during this lifetime. 

We all have gifts, and Britta's Books is here to provide resources to help you find yours; attracting tribes that meet you where you are in your spiritual journey. 
It is possible to turn your trauma into good karma, and then learn other lessons to raise your awareness and change the world in your own way. 

When we change ourselves, we change the world. 
I provide tips on Health and Wellness, Feng Shui, Reiki, and all things Jesus. I also am a social media enthusiast; I write about conscious social media use and how we can use the strengths and weaknesses of this world to rise above the crap going on out there. 

You can reach me directly. In fact, I prefer contact that way.

[email protected]
IG: @writementality @aguirrebrit_

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