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Welcome to my Patreon Page!  I am Bryce L. Tomlinson, a self-trained citizen scientist, with endeavors in many fields of nerdy repute.

One of my most passionate pursuits is to help people with nutrition and health science.  I've done thousands of hours of study in this field, and while I'm not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, I can share my inspiration and experience, as well as the solid science I have studied.  

I am a professional cinematographer, videographer and audio engineer by trade.  I have been working from home for 6 years, doing freelance work and creating videos and other content on the internet.  

As a hobby, I've been programming Kaleidoscope Reloaded and Kaleidoscope V5, a resurrection of a PETSCII editor for the Commodore 64 that I created back in the 1980's.

 Your support will help me continue to provide enriching content, create interesting and helpful projects, instructional videos, sharing ideas and techniques in a wide array of interests, including video, computers, nutrition, health and life in general.

  I hope my ideas can help you to make your life easier, better and more fun.  Thank you!
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