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Patrons would have exclusive access to  all my art and comics before they're released! They'll also have access to speedpaints, as well as photoshop docs and stream highlights!
Personalized Drawing
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Wowowowow !!

For the extra money, I'll get to draw you a doodle of whoever you want with either Bill or one of my characters!



About Brooke

Heya! I've set up this Patreon as sort of a tip jar so that I can still maintain my hobby while I keep a roof over my head, and hopefully ith enough I can save up to go to college!
As of now Patreons will be able to have access to:
  • Speedpaints
  • Stream highlights
  • PSD's of projecs
  • Sketches that I don't post anywhere else!
Thank you to all who donate, it really means a lot to me!

1% complete

A whopping 50 green ones will help me sustain a living without having to put my dreams on a back burner! Or in this case, a frying burner! I'll be able to pump out art all the time without having to stress over dealing with arting and work at the same time!
If this goal is reached, each month I'll pick a random Patreon and sketch them with whatever character they choose!
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