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Greetings friends, my name is Brother Mike. I am the creator of Black Buy Demand brand and the host of the Black Buy Demand Radio Show. So where do I start? Ok, how about the name? What does it mean? Simple: Black is for the people, Buy is how we practice group economics, and Demand is for change. Now don't get your feathers all up in a bunch yet. This is not racist. Racism is about power, and usually used to stop others who are not of that race or power. Take notice of how the word buy is spelled, its with a "u", as in purchase! Purchasing power can be a key tool for change amongst poverty stricken people.   Black Buy Demand is about empowerment! The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights (Goggle def.)  Our goal is to practice group economics by creating a brand that empowers!  We believe change can take place trough two things: 1. Constructive conversations that educate  2. Group economics!  Educating ourselves about those two things can be essential in the growth  of the community.  This is not to say that these are the only two things, this is just the focus of BBD!

Do we need help from everyone? Absolutely! We need support from everyone who believes in supporting black businesses and a great cause! . We are simply pushing the argument of it must start with us first.  Let's be the example. Humans learn from the behavior patterns of other humans.  If we lead the way, it may encourage other fellow Americans to see the value in what we are doing and want to support too. We must look to ourselves first and foremost, though  we encourage support from everyone.

So let's discuss the brand. The Black Buy Demand brand was designed to empower Black Americans and those who support black businesses.  Its a way to show some pride in practicing group economics, or simply pride in supporting a Black owned business.  My vision for the brand was to somehow combine my business mind with my conscious mind.  I wanted to create something that could serve a dual purpose.  What I came up with was Black Buy Demand, also known as BBD!

Currently we sell t-shirts, hoodies and wrist bands. Why? Because money sure don't grow on trees!  Finances of course. In case I didn't mention it earlier, this is a true grass roots startup!  We do not  have any financial backing. Sad but true. But there is hope, and its you guys! Yup! That's guys. You, the one sitting here reading this right now... you are our hope.  The fact that you're actually reading this gives us hope. We created our Patreon page to petition support from you.  We need you as our patron and we will reward you for your loyalty.  Our goal is to allow BBD to reach its full potential. We have so many ideals of where we want this brand to go, and the message behind it that will help to change communities.

Next is the Black Buy Demand Radio Show! What's it all about? Well in short, its about constructive conversations.  You know, things that make you go hmmmm?  And get this, contrary to popular belief, we actually like it! Nope, that's not true for me, I like doughnuts. I love BBD Radio Show!  We actually have fun producing constructive conversations! Go figure.

I call it Black media. Why? Because it covers topics that we think are important for Black Americans to learn about or discuss.  We welcome everyone to tune in and participate. Main stream media doesn't seem to offer much for Black Americans that can be useful helping to identify areas that have room for improvement.  We are taking control of the content that we choose as helpful to Black Americans.  Let's talk about something other than the typical information that you can get on mainstream media. Let's talk about things that will help us do better as a community of people. We offer knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the best of our ability.  When you know better, you do better. We choose topics that we believe are educational and thought provoking. Topics that are needed, and we face harsh realties. We address the elephant in the room and make it sit down. We stimulate mental growth for all who watch and have fun while doing so.  We also pay for all of this with our own personal monies. Its real out here folks. We need our patrons to be our heroes who save the day. That means you!  Look at you go, you superhero you!

As far as me, I'm a Master Barber by trade and the guy behind this vision. My experiences as a barber has helped to grow me into someone who cares about more than just himself and loved ones.  I found purpose for my gift.  God gives us all a gift and a talent. Something we love, we are very passionate about, and brings joy when engaging with it.  I enjoy learning. Then teaching what I've learned. Spread love the BBD way!
I am a dedicated student of life. I'm always learning and I love it!  BBD is my tool for sharing this passion with you. I hope to get you excited about what we produce and try to convey.  I wanna do better, you wanna do better. What could be better? Us doing better together!
We are asking for your pledge, We do it for you, and can't do it without you.  Will you play your part? Become a Patron.

Where does the money go?
We use the pledge monies to help support BBD. It allows us to keep making merchandise, it helps us pay for marketing, distribution, print, inventory, events, transportation, and all production cost. It keeps BBD active and alive.  No stone left unturned. I love and we love, what we do. We want our patrons to be proud of what they helped create! 
As a patron we will give you reward you with the ins and outs of BBD and Brother Mike. You will have access to private videos that teach and discuss certain topics that we don’t cover on the BBD Radio Show. Behind the scenes access to my creative challenges of building a BBD, Q & A, Patron recognition free merchandise and much more!  Become a Patron of BBD today!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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