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About Brother Yusef

The Blues According to Brother Yusef.

Greetings to all my fans and friends this is Brother Yusef. The King of Organic, Deep Fried Fattback Blues.

Welcome to my Patreon Page. This is the place where you my  fans can directly support Brother Yusef. With your help of a monthly sponsorship for as little as $3 a month (or more if you like) I would be able to focus more of my creative energy on producing quality music and video content without being so tied down by the financial strains that often kills the creative process. In other words, more time creating Fattback Blues and less time hustling for low paying crappy gigs. You get the point. 

The way Patreon works is with your sponsorship you will have exclusive access to music downloads and pre released video content, and depending on the level you choose give you can receive such perks a  producer credit on YouTube videos, comp tickets to performances when I perform in you city, and other cool thing that I come up with as we go along. I'm even willing to create and release video chat with you for my YouTube channel. 

Thank you and I look forward to welcoming you to the Brother Yusef Congregation.

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