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“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

- Maya Angelou

What is an evolutionary event?

An evolutionary event is an event that evolves from start to finish. People transform.  Connections are made. Hearts open. Humans leave feeling seen, connected, and, empowered.
They are gatherings of people who typically are meeting for the first time with, at least, the baseline commonality that they wish to connect with others. These events tease out the discomforts, unleash the censored, and shine light to what authentically wants to be shared. 

What are you supporting?
Investing in events that spark connection, ignite collaboration, empower individuals and solidify community.

To powerfully co-create a world we want to live in by finding common ground among humans with beautifully diverse backgrounds
To strengthens our bonds in community
To enable people to share their ‘why’ in what is profoundly important to them
To fulfill a dizzying amount of dreams through sharing

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If you really knew us you’d know that we adore each other. You’d know that creating worldwide events for connection is what brings us immense joy. You’d have seen how we graciously make space for one another to shine while supporting, rooting, cheering, encouraging, triggering, pushing, and poking one another to always be the best versions of ourselves.

Who are you? What brings you joy? How do you wish to show up in the world, for the world? 
These questions come from a desire to know how one could impact the world. We are nourished by the answers that breathe life into our world. We’ve seen faces transform and brighten, heard deep thoughts digested through uncertain words, witnessed second guessing and complete bewilderment, and felt the sense of empowerment, liberation, freedom, confusion, despair, and questioning.

When we step into this unknown area of how to be our full self, how to show up powerfully in all of our glory and be the person we deeply desire to be, so many occurrences start to unfold. Fear and doubt are culprits that rob us of these dreams. Reasons why one can absolutely not have all the things they’ve ever dreamt of. Confirming answers that give justice to why it couldn’t possibly work, at least not right now, and yes maybe some day. But, I, this, that, would have to change drastically. Ya, maybe another day, month, year, years. To take the step into the fire and actually be pursuing the dreams you always knew to be there…now THAT takes courage. We’ve seen many laugh at the question and seen many take actions in pursuit of their calling. The latter, whether it has much to do with us or not, is a gift that is living out it’s greatness into the world and is shining with full passion because that person actually wishes to do this with all of their heart. They've made a commitment, a choice. They have chosen the magic.

Well truth be told, our fears have inhibited us and we’ve continuously stepped into this discomfort to pursue our dreams. It’s taken everything we’ve got to drive in the directions of things much bigger than ourselves. We are committed to blending the full palate of our backgrounds, skills, and experiences to create events for people to shine, share, explore, and feel seen. We feel honored to strengthen community, spark collaboration, empower individuals, and ignite connection all over the world.

We stand for something we like to call the 7C's - connection, community, collaboration, communication, commitment, culture, and creativity. Our mission is to continuously be creating connections to increase happiness and share community. We live to support the dreamers, and in doing so, we fulfill our dreams to create a world full of life that is inspiring, passionate, and empowered. Our bond inspires people to show up for themselves, for their relationships, and their communities. Collecting and connecting dots to empower a creative world. We have a knack for activating and connecting in a prolific way.

We love getting know the 'why' behind what someone is up to and what inspires them to be. We are passionate about sharing ideas and activating potentiality everywhere we go. We love love. Our bond seems to ignite the sleepiest of souls and empowers all walks of life to live in their truth.

We are committed to global transformation. We are communication ninjas that love listening, reflecting, and understanding through our curiosity and unassuming intentions. Sustainability, food, farming, communication, hospitality, yoga, music, self expression, dance, embodied practices, technology, consciousness, self-development, transformation, education, leadership, community building, coaching, intuition, spirituality, relational work…all that and the in between, let’s make it seen.

We envision bringing events all over the world to powerfully connect visionaries, influencers, and leaders. Our work weaves everything together for people to connect on a deeper level for powerful transformation, authentic communication, and openness. We curate an environment that is inviting, expressive, and vulnerable. We see an acceleration of epic connection possible through our work.

Your contribution allows us to focus full time on our dreams. We are eternally grateful for your belief in us and who we are as possibilities for the world.

Our dream, and those all over the world, are made possible by you.

Thank you

The Broughton Sisters Xx

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