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     'Travel through the eyes of a Brown Westerner'.  Brown Passport ignites conscious conversation on race form the POC perspective (person of color), through the guise of travel.  this is not a 'travel blog', this is conversation on race, as well as culture, faith & gender.  I have been shooting photo/video for 28 years.  When I was assisting an advertising image maker (as usual) I was the only brown (and female) crew on the set.  the only other brown folks were servants at the hotel (in Jamaica).  Once I was the only one left at the dinner table (because I talk too much) then the entire kitchen staff came out, looked around to make certain I was alone, then they asked 'how you got this job...who are you...where you from... how you get der..?"  then they proceeded to explain the disenfranchisement they experience working at a 5 star luxury place (the place we were shooting marketing material for).  That was in 2004.  
    I am from a mixed heritage (the basics father is black mother is white).  I would be in the middle of each side of the family keeping conversations to themselves without ever engaging in this dialog with each other on different sides of the table.  They would ask me, but not ask each other.  I thought what the heck is wrong with you ask each other so you can learn something form one another and actually get closer and have a better understanding.  
    Often being the only female of color on set (with the exception of a few sprinkles every once in a while), I got tired of people asking "why are 'they' upset over monkey shirt...? why are (natives) people offended when someone wears an indian headdress"...."why are 'they' still complaining slavery ended over a century ago..?"...(insert face palm).  YEARS after that 2004 Jamaica experience (when I was a photo assistant), I thought 'they heck with this, I need to share these stories'. 
    I aim to bring people of different backgrounds together to learn from one another so they can truly begin to understand what the other person is thinking and why.  I think we have missed the mark when it comes to really bringing different groups together (culturally).  We can not keep making assumptions about people jsut becasue they are different.  See this interview I shot for a story at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture
witness Cliff & Eric share with one another and watch hwo much closer that brings these two friends of different backgrounds together.  Listen to Eric describe his new awakening and better understanding not only in this context (Black history in the states) but opening him up to a beter understanding in general... "it makes me ask what is their culture really like?....just because it's different doesn't mean it's's just different..".  
    I have pitched this to a MAJOR network and they asked me 'how many followers do you have?' WTF?- I thought that was their job (SMH).  I do have not yet 'bought' followers (nor did I have any moeny for that) but I would aim to gain followers through organic means which mean creating content inscessently.  I have been creating as mushc and as often as I can inbetween (Still) photo assisting photographers or assisting cinematographers (non union=lower pay) and picking up shooting work as I can.  My work is GOLD (Platinum actually) however that is also a challenge as a photography rep (agent) once told me "if you are not ready to spend $25,000 per year on marketing then I won't touch you and don't expect to go anywhere in this biz.." I am not form a family with any connections, I did not go to a school loaded with connections, I did not marry (nor date) anyone in 'the business'.  I stand before you as a very talented individual creating conscious content to the best of my ability on whatever money I can muster. I will gladly sell my works (Wall art-photos), shoot someone's wedding ( years of shooting), or anyone's marketing videos ( whatever it takes to keep this going. I thank you in advance for your interest.  Please feel free to subscribe  Let's keep the concious conversation going. 

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