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About Bruce Jacob DePew

     Hello my name is Bruce Jacob DePew I’m a very talented person, a jack of all trades if you will that needs to be express myself or showcase my talents or skills that people don’t think I have nor the capacity of doing anything that I’m about do or that they underestimate my abilities nor skills that I do not have to survive in the world and I want to prove them wrong. I have decided to open a patreon account page where I can either showcase my talents, skills, abilities, sell items that if you like or love them that you can purchase them so you can have them in your home or you can donate to help me to do what I love to do and can keep doing what I love to do. What I love to do is crafting, gaming, building, restorations, photography, blacksmithing, glassblowing, ceramics, drawing, writing, art work, films, etc. An I’m willing to film my projects and post them on my Youtube account. If any body like or love one pacific projects or video and you want to more of them, please let me know by my social media pages that I have listed down below or leave a comment on a recant video that I posted and I will do more of them for you.
         As for right now I can only do is to accept donations from you guys and gals to get started with and to get the ball rolling. I will notify anyone who is donating to my patreon page or whoever adds / follows me on any social media down below. I will also notify you on where you can buy what I have made or any merch that I can make my own and will not copy no one else’s idea that will causes a big problem for me and other parties who as the same merch ideas. Anyway I will notify all of you on all of the important dates for everything that I have or not have listed above, including the sell dates for my merch and special made items that I made myself.–Bruce Jacob DePew

Social Media: / bruce.depew.56

Messenger / bruce.depew.56 / brucejdepew / depew_bruce / bdepew15 / brucejdepew89

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What I'm working towards for is understanding that people with limitations does not need to be restricted to what other people perceived them of what their capable of doing, either by mental, health, or physical problems. Where there's a border or a blockade standing in the way of people who is in limitation category that they don't want to be in and so with your donation and support, I will destroy the border / blockade and erase people with limitations category. To allow them to have freedom to do what they dreamed of doing for their whole life and to break barriers. I want inspire people to get up and do what they've dreamed about doing and just go out there and DO IT. If it doesn't work try again, until it does works. Don't give up.
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