Brutalsoft Studio

is creating INVASION - bullethell smup game with the hurricane gameplay
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About Brutalsoft Studio


We are small indie studio and work on enthusiasm.
We are making hardcore bullethell shmup, about aliens invasion.
You is one of agents of a top secret organisation, named FUF ( Federal Unleashed Forces ), which saves the world then it is needed. And now it is time to do it again!

Now episode 1 is ready, and available on the Steam:

We are planning to release several more episodes on the different planets ( episode 1 on the earth ) and in the space. It is needed much more contents to do - art, enemies, music, story comics etc. So we need finances cuz enthusiasm is very good, but then you hungry, it is not working!

If you like Invasion, donate please!
Thank you in advance!
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We start to append more contents to episode 1 - backgrounds, art, and story comics
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