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My name is Bryan Salter, and I am an artist/animator with a passion for action and style.  My mission is to create a pilot episode for my own animated project, EXcavenger(s).  This is an action-comedy targeted at teenagers and young adults!!  This project will require a lot of time and dedication, and your continued support will allow it to come into fruition!!  In addition to new updates about the project, I encourage my patrons to look forward to other kinds of artwork from me, whether it be original, or merely out of love for my favorite properties and inspirations!!
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Let's blast through with sonic-speed!!

Patrons in this tier will get access to high-resolution PNG's and original PSD files of new artwork each month!

You'll also be given access to the EXcavenger(s) fan-Discord, where you can communicate with me, and even give feedback on the project, itself!!

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We'll show them the real superpower of teamwork!

Patrons in this tier get PNG's and PSD's of my artwork, access to my Discord, and will be entered in a raffle for a free art request!

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Hanging on the edge of tomorrow!!

Patrons in this tier get everything: PNG's, PSD's, the art raffle, and full access to the Discord, including private channels and VC discussions!  Printed goods may also become available in the future.

$5 of $500 per month
Monthly character design updates and weekly progress reports!
Monthly art raffle is increased to twice monthly!
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