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About BryFy Podcast

The BryFy Podcast is a laid back weekly Comic Book Podcast with comics reviews, nerdy news, and guests.  Included in the shown is a segment called "Heroes and Villains" where I take a look at past and present people/places/things and tell you why they are Good or Evil...The answer may surprise you.
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Being able to hit this Goal allows me to maintain the BryFy Podcast Podbean site and keep the good times rolling.  Currently my money goes into both that and buying/reviewing comics and going to Conventions.  I'm beginning to find other means to read comics, (My Library has a great selection of graphic novels but they aren't always very current,) and the popularity of the show is starting to allow me to attend Cons for discounted prices and/or free.  So this Goal now can be focused specifically on the website and that allows me to spend my money on a better variety of comics to review, or cool giveaway items I might find at Cons.

Your help is allowing me to grow faster than if I was doing it on my own.  So thank you for your support
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