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A donation to get this ball rolling! :)

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You'll have the opportunity to ask me a bunch of questions about a video release and have access to the answers in video format.

Behind the Scenes
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All the above and I'll record a BTS type video of me looking and talking about footage from the film as well as a look at my editing timeline etc




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I've spent a lot of time making films and videos for others and I owe a lot to the brands and people I've worked with, but the idea of being able to make my own films for my own channels and not make an outstanding loss would be amazing.

Help me discover places around the world that I can document and capture in my raw style without having to adhere to a client or brand. I guess this would be a dream for most filmmakers, and I'm just trying to live mine.
$0 of $2,500 per month
This amount of money will help me go out and create an amazing 3-4min travel film somewhere in the world where I can capture a unique way of life and explore the lesser known parts of countries while staying away from the classic tourist hotspots.

With $2500 I can pay for my return flights (avg of $1100 from Cape Town), pay for accommodation, food, and transport for up to 7 nights and the remaining for parks fees, guides, the usual unforeseen expenses etc etc.
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