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Hi, this is Uwe. I have a dream.... in which all lifeforms on planet earth r living peacefully in coexistence with nature where the scientific method is used 2 arrive at solutions 4 all human problems where science, technology and  automation r used 2 free the people and lead them 2 their highest potential and where living on earth is sustainable sharing of all resources in a socioeconomic equilibrium with our mother planet.
Who wants change? Who wants 2 change? This is my journey of stepping out of the system without leaving the system, not 2 revolt, but 2 evolve and change 2 the better.
I'm supporting the TROM-Site and TIO because in this way i can give him a bit of my energy 2 empower him doing real hero-stuff 4 thousands or even millions of people. May b u can empower me doing real hero-stuff 2 as many people as i can reach out.
Thank u very much for joining my journey. Keep in touch. We r all 1.
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For every $50 per month i reduce my monetary slave job work load by 1 hour a week. Which means that by reaching $750 i will quit my job as a physics and math teacher in a private school and will b a full-time supporter and helper to bring up RBE. Starting with 4 free world projects: 1) Create an RBE-bike-camper  2) Build up a library of things 3) Create and distribute a "world-citizen-passport" 4) Build up a "nlRBE-academy"
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