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This is how much you would be giving to me if you were subscribing through twitch. Some of my blood bowl teams will have you as a player ! (Also, channel currency advantages, once i finally introduce them !)
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This is how much you would be paying for a twitch subscription, but i get all of it (evil laugh) ! Above reward is reinforced with you having positional priority in my blood bowl teams ! (Also, a bit greater channel currency advantages)
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This tier is for those who wish to go even further than Twitch limits. I am limiting it to 5, to have a nice relevance to my first goal ! This tier ensures that you will be in every blood bowl team that i make , as well as choosing your preferred player position. This will be the only reward of its type, since it is the first, and also limited. (Also, even more currency advantages than before !)




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Hello ! Bucky here, with some information for you wonderful people who are considering to be my patrons. First of all, everything i do is, and will be, absolutely free. That being said, in order to ensure my continued virtual existence, i do (unfortunately) need funds. Your support ensures that i am able to produce content and entertainment for years to come. 

Most of the funds received will go to improving the quality of my content (better equipment), but if i use a small part of it to buy something for my wife, please do not hold it against me, i am only human :)

Streaming/Producing entertaining content is what i am doing for a living, not an unreasonable goal in a small country like my own and i could not do it without help from you, my patrons. 

I like to keep this short and sweet. If you are ever interested in more about me, you only have to ask :)

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Fifty steady dollars per month would validate all that i am doing and give me a huge confidence boost (and make me dance a merry little jig) !
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