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You may not think that one dollar a month could help, but it really does. $1/month helps build the foundation of what I do on YouTube and outside of it!
  • Patreon Only Discord Chat: The "Official PAWTRIOT Server" on Discord is open to anyone, however there will now be a Patreon-Only Discord server that will have TONS more extra benefits. There will be access to behind-the-scenes stuff, voice chat, monthly meetings, special announcements, Patreon-Discord-Only Giveaways and lots more!
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If one dollar goes a long way, imagine DOUBLING that for only TWO dollars!
You will receive everything from "PAWSOME SUPPORTER" PLUS:
  • Twitter Shoutout & Thank-You: You will receive a special personalized thank you from BuddhaCat on Twitter + a shout out to you or your YouTube Channel.
  • Signed Business Card*: You will receive a BuddhaCat business card signed by BuddhaCat himself.
  • Behind-The-Scenes: You will receive access to special behind-the-scenes videos, photos, idea boards, podcasts, deleted scenes, bloopers and MORE!

*Please allow up 4-8 weeks for delivery

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It's time to play! You'll get access to the BuddhaCat Minecraft server + lots more playful rewards!
  • VIP Access on Play Along Stream:  When playing along in streams, "Playful Cat" Patrons get bumped to the top (higher priority)!  This means that you will have the ability to cut in line before others during streams.
  •  Access to Voice Chat on Streams: When playing along during multiplayer streams you get to chat along in the Discord's Voice Chat***!
  •  High-Priority for Play Alongs: 
  • "Get-to-Know-You" Live Segment: During my Tuesday-Night livestreams, I will shout you out and show off any YouTube Channel/Art Work/Twitch Channel etc. you may have!

(*** = some games/streams this might not apply




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Hello all you wonderful people! My name is Nate AKA "BuddhaCat"!

Quick Facts:
I am a YouTube content creator and streamer. I create fun & all-age-appropriate videos that revolve around indie games, Nintendo, survival/crafting games and so much more. I use my channel to be a voice of positivity and kindness within the gaming community. On top of creating content, I have also been doing my best to create a community (called "Pawtriots") of all-ages where people can hangout, be themselves and have fun.

Important creator facts:
I started a YouTube Channel back on March 15, 2015. My focus back then was... well... no focus. It was merely a hobby. However, that hobby grew FAST
As the channel grew I realized that I am able to share my passion of gaming with the world, while simultaneously sharing a positive message.
My channel revolves around gaming and gaming-like content, but through those videos and live streams I share kindness, respect and compassion. These are simple human characteristics that everyone possesses, and the gaming community should be no different.

I focus on a wide-variety of gaming content such as Nintendo games, Minecraft/Survival-Crafting games, mods and maps showcases, etc. However, my main focus are games created by indie developers.

This year (2018) I told myself I wanted to devote all my time & energy into doing this full-time. However, with the recent "adpocalypse" on YouTube and other changes to YouTube's algorithm, making enough money to sustain a living is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is where Patreon comes in handy though! Not only will I be able to earn enough money to provide for incredible wife (Keiko Pi) and my amazing 6-year-old daughter (BuddhaKitty), but I will also be able to give back to you insanely kind people through the reward tier system!

I need your help to continue making this channel a safe, fun and pawsome place for gamers & people of all ages to come hang out, have fun and be themselves! With your help, we can make this channel bigger, better and our community's positive message can reach more people!

I am really looking forward to rewarding your kindness and generosity. <3
$5.56 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month, I will get back to daily uploads. This will help relieve an insane amount of stress I have in regards to paying rent each month. With that stress out of the way, I can devote more of my time and energy into creating more amazing content for you insanely wonderful people!
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