Loïc Sciampagna

is creating BuddyCSS
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About Loïc Sciampagna

Hi there, 

My name is Loïc, I'm 25 years old, from France and I create websites since 4-5 years.

BuddyCSS is an open source CSS framework to build websites easily.

As I write this description, BuddyCSS is still in development, V1.0.0, there is a lot of stuff I want to add to make it more powerful and easier to learn.

People often ask me "Why creating another CSS framework in 2018 when you have Bootstrap, Fundation, Materialize, Bulma, ... which already make coffee ?"

I created BuddyCSS because I wanted to prove to myself I can do more than just using a css framework and saying "I did it alone".

I wanted to learn all the details in CSS.

At the beginning it was just a hugeCSS file with a lot of code and no comments.
Piece by piece, I added some powerful tools like SASS, Gulp, FontAwesome, Babel, ... to make my way of coding easier.

And now it is almost ready, why should I keep it for myself? I use open sources tools every days, I would be selfish to keep my Buddy for myself, that's why I published it online : https://buddycss.com/

Join me on Slack to let me your feedbacks: https://buddycss.slack.com

Thank you for reading me!
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