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About Charley Eiseman

Greetings! In June 2019, with the help of my Patreon patrons, I completed the first edition of Leafminers of North America, a self-published 1857-page e-book that I made available in 18 monthly installments of PDFs. This guide, liberally illustrated with color photographs, provides keys to the leaf mines that can be found on every plant in the continental US and Canada, along with information about the natural history and geographic distribution of each insect species involved. I plan to complete an updated second edition by the end of 2020.  There is more information about this project, including options for purchasing the full first edition, here.

Before I begin releasing the second edition in monthly installments, I plan to spend a good chunk of 2019 conducting additional leafminer surveys and finishing up a number of scientific papers that will be cited in the book.  These papers will document new observations for various groups of leaf-mining beetles, flies, and moths, including descriptions of new species.  (I have so far coauthored 45 species of leaf and stem miners, including ten in a paper that is currently in press; the rest are summarized here.)  I also hope to make progress on some papers about hymenopteran parasitoids of leafminers.

In addition, I am excited to get started on my new project: a complete guide to North American sawfly larvae.  Like Leafminers of North America, it will be organized by host plant, with an introductory section giving an overview of the different groups of sawflies and their natural history.

I will post an update here when I have determined my schedule for releasing the sawfly guide and the second edition of the leafminer guide, but in the meantime, any new patrons will begin receiving the first edition of Leafminers of North America in monthly installments.  I would work on these projects full-time if I didn't have to worry about income, so your support at any level would be most appreciated.  Thank you for your interest!

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