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• You will have access to polls to help me decide what fanart piece to draw! If you're a patreon, feel free to message me with poll ideas!  [Needs 3 or more patreons to work] 

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• Once a month, YOU get to ask for one silly doodle request! From a cucumber fighting against a horde of pickle zombies, to a potato with sexy legs, anything (SFW) goes! 

• A 10% discount on all commissions! (excluding kofi chibis)




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About Bumcchi

Hi, I'm Bumcchi!
I'm a beginner freeIance artist, and the creator of Boobit!

Why support me?
By supporting me you allow me to focus on art rather than on getting enough money to get by. One dollar may not seem like a lot to many, but it will mean the world to me!
I can promise any money I get will absolutely NOT be wasted on trivial matters! What I don't spend on the basic needs of life, I will save for the future. 

Although scarce and simple at the moment, I plan on expanding and adding new and better rewards as I get more support! 

However, it isn't money that has taken me this far,
what has helped me find that I may actually have some worth as a living being, that I should keep going.
It was you people. 
So thank you, for everything ♡

You can see my work at:

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