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For five dollars per month you will be rewarded with our sincere thanks, and the knowledge that you have contributed to keeping our kids contained to just a couple of hundred square-feet of indoor living space—and limitless outdoor living space—for the foreseeable future.
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For ten dollars and ninety-nine cents we're going to send you a personalized postcard from each country we happen to bop on through along the journey. And did I mention that Ali is going to blow a kiss to everyone as well?
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You guys rock. You've probably been with us for a long time, and for that alone we are grateful. In addition to all of the above, we'll send you signed copies of both of our books. I'm not sure what else we can offer at this point, but rest assured that you are now a part of our inner circle and will share in our adventures in one way or another. Thank you tons, you are awesome.




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We're Bumfuzzle. Also knows as "The Bums." I've been blogging about our travels and lifestyle since 2003 when we first took off to sail around the world. There isn't a travel blog (bumfuzzle) out there that has been as consistent as us, for as long as us.

We've circled the globe by boat. Raced a vintage Porsche across the United States—and won. Driven the Pan-American in a '58 VW bus. Had two babies in Mexico. Lived aboard and sailed all over Mexico. Traveled small around the U.S. and Mexico in an old 1966 Dodge Travco motorhome. Currently we are a family of four living in a 22 foot Airstream.

Why Patreon?

Our site produces hundreds of thousands of page views each month, yet we don't make a penny on this. We never capitalized on bumfuzzle.com because to do so on a blog requires selling yourself—your site, your content—to marketers. You become a shill, and you do so for chump change. We could never bring ourselves to do it.

Patreon gives us a better way. It lets us continue to produce content—stories and photographs of the world we travel through—and share it in a free, uncommercial way. Meanwhile, those who feel strongly about us, our travels, our lifestyle, our written word, and our photography, can donate in a way that lets both sides feel good about it.

What do you get?

A couple of things. Everyone will continue to get our unfiltered musings on the world, travel, children, boats, motorhomes and Airstreams. And everyone will get all of our best photography, watermark-free, in big beautiful format. Our goal is to take you with us on our travels through our pictures and our stories.

Donate a little more and you'll get signed copies of our books, and postcards from the roads less traveled.
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When we reach this modest goal we will take ourselves to another continent, and you can be rid of us once and for all. Unless you live on that continent, in which case, we're now your problem.
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